Pets! Fabulous, amazing, wonderful family pets!

Big and small, young or old we are all about pets. Everything they eat, play with, sleep on, or need for a happy and healthy life!  It’s about education and responsible pet ownership! Everyone who works at My Family Pet Store is committed to helping your family find the right fur baby for your home and family's lifestyle needs. My Family Pet Store is Houston's premier retail Pet store, where we truly strive to be different. Although we might not be able to change everyone's mind about pet stores who sells puppies, the main thing to remember is people will find ways to get a pure bred puppy they want.  Most people unknowingly end up with puppy mill pups due to choosing unreliable routes to abtain a pet. You can be sure that you will only find healthy, ethically raised puppies here. All of our puppies are born and raised in a home setting and come from parents who are very much loved and are family pets first.  We only work with small local breeding programs, whom we have established solid personal relationships with. We value our pets as family members and hope that you can see the different level of standard we uphold at our store. It’s a lifetime of love – one puppy at a time! 

Please come in and meet our puppies – you’ll be glad you did!